Welcome to 123 Deals! We are an Australian startup business that is extensively connected with countless overseas suppliers. Our team of professionals that is always on the lookout for new deals and products from its suppliers for the Australian market. Although we are based in Queensland, Australia, we deliver all across the country. We own an e-commerce portal, and like all e-commerce businesses, we understand what it takes to run a business on a grand scale and just how to please our customers. In this regard, we work in tandem with all our associates to ensure that our online portal is always safe, secure, and updated for payment transactions and the ease of use of our customers.

The e-commerce industry has experienced a massive boom in recent years, and we got into this business because at the end of the day, we are consumers first and business later. Therefore, since we understand the rapid lifestyle people live today, we wish to make online shopping as easy for you as possible. This was the primary reason for the creation of 123 Deals. We are a bunch of passionate and driven individuals who have come together through 123 Deals to deliver optimum e-commerce solutions to all our customers.

Our core values include offering the best and the most sustainable deals to all our customers. When we say sustainable, we mean that suppliers can directly post their products and services on our platform for the customers. This saves both the parties a lot of time, resources as well as money. In addition to that, it helps take care of the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. On our platform, you can buy anything from gifts for your loved ones to mobile accessories and the latest gadgets with ease.

If you are looking for an undeniably spectacular e-commerce experience, get in touch with 123 Deals today!